Make Way For Hawk Crossings


by Ashley Enste

Montclair State University has decided to officially change the name of the apartments on Clove Road to “Hawk Crossings,” due to the ongoing renovations of the complex.

This new title will be formally adopted for the fall semester of 2010.

According to Dr. Karen Pennington, vice president for student development and campus life, “The complex is undergoing a renovation both inside and out. It seemed an appropriate recognition of these changes.”

The individual apartment buildings, previously only recognized numerically, will have new names as well.

They are all related to the school’s red-tailed hawk mascot: Falconidae, Accipitor and Buteo. In Latin, these words are the scientific terminology for the order, family and genus, used to classify the species of Red Hawks.

Junior English major Christina Caamaño, a current resident in the Clove Apartments said, “It sounds kind of childish naming something after the mascot. Why does a new look mean a new name?”

There wasn’t an electronic voting process done for the students at MSU to give their input on the new name because the apartments are not new buildings.

Junior Business major Ashley Wohlrab said, “I honestly don’t like the name and think they should keep Clove as a part of the school’s history.”



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