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Plaguing our media outlets and social mediums alike, a phenomenon is rapidly spreading through colleges across the country.

Some young adults call it liquid cocaine; others classify it as “blackout in a can.”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are sure you have all heard of it, Four Loko.

The alcoholic energy drink appeared on the scene mere months ago and its popularity has only increased since its release.

Whether the high demand is due to the fact that one drink can arguably alter your senses or the incredibly cheap price, remains a mystery to us.

We can reasonably see the appeal of such a beverage. Being relatively broke college students ourselves we would be more inclined to purchase a drink for three dollars instead of to spending four times that amount on a bottle of hard alcohol.

But metaphorically speaking, is Four Loko really worth the cost?

Ramapo College has recently implemented a campus-wide ban of the alcoholic energy drink. The beverage was involved in a handful of alcohol related incidents endangering the health of various students.

Four Loko contains a 12 percent alcohol content, and is equivalent to three beers, a red bull and a shot of espresso. This combination is eye opening in itself.

Analyzing the drink from a logical standpoint provides an obvious contradiction.

Caffeine is a stimulant, and alcohol is a depressant.

We can easily conjure images of our hearts being pushed and pulled at the same time, suffering through a complete override of our most basic senses.

Employing this line of thought we can rightfully infer that Four Loko is undoubtedly a danger to one’s health.

Students at Montclair have stated that one Four Loko is all it takes for them to feel the complete effects of the drink.

Granted, the can is a whopping 23.5 oz, a formidable foe for any young adult with a high alcohol tolerance.

The most prominent appeal to Four Loko is the fact that it is, in essence, one stop shopping.

As mentioned previously, the drink encapsulates everything a student needs to achieve their goal of intoxication.

A fascinating aspect of the drink is its taste.

Four Loko, in its various flavors, tastes quite similar to your favorite childhood juice.

The traces of alcohol in the drink’s flavor are extraordinarily tolerable.

All of these aspects of Four Loko are nothing short of convenient and serves to enable accessibility.

You may all be wondering why someone wouldn’t purchase a Four Loko.

Therein lies the tragic fact. We are a generation of followers, falling prey to every trend and the seemingly simple logic behind easy purchases.

Let’s take a moment to remove ourselves from the benefits of Four Loko. Why is the drink so effective?

Well, perhaps this is due to the fact that the liquid now coursing through your body is quite literally overwhelming your organs.

Is there honestly anything appealing about the idea of a blackout in a can?

We would rather not consume anything that is dubbed liquid cocaine.

Nor do we want to black out every time we drink, we can only hope that students are aware that “blacking out” is a manifestation of brain damage.

Safety is not a priority for most college students.

Your college years are a learning experience on all fronts.

We have all made mistakes, this is the time in our lives that we can acceptably make mistakes and laugh about them.

But there is a distinct difference between deliberate carelessness and an utter abandonment of self-control.

Granted, it is amusing to ask your friends to recall your behavior the previous night because you’re incapable of remembering, as long as your actions were harmless.

Regret often plagues those hours of forgetfulness.

Four Loko capitalizes on this desire to be unaccountable. The industry is profiting from a young adult’s tendency towards recklessness.

Rumors are circulating that the state of New Jersey is planning to ban Four Loko completely.

Enjoy it while it lasts, but always keep in mind the blatant contrast of chemicals and the toll it will take on your body.

-Lori Wieczorek



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