Project Glass Reveals A Whole New World


– By Monika Bujas, Assistant Opinion Editor


It’s a phone, its glasses, no it’s Google’s Project Glass prototype.

Google plans on making the phone market eat its dust with their latest creation, Project Glass.

Project Glass is basically a phone that’s also glasses, though it looks more like a head piece in my opinion.

The best way to describe them is a metallic wrap-around glasses frame, attached to the metal frame there seems to be a clear-colored display that is set up above the right eye.

The display contains a miniature camera and microphone. What makes these “glasses” so peculiar is that all the prototypes displayed online do not have any lenses  yet, but it’s assumed that lenses will be placed in the device, maybe to match one’s prescription.

Even though Google has not announced a release date for the product they did post commercials online for Project Glass.

The most recent commercial takes you on a first-person journey with a young man who is using these glasses as he journeys through New York City.

We never actually get to see the man but we experience what it is like to wear the glasses.

He uses the glasses to map out walking routes, contact and map out his friend’s location, maneuvers through a book store, take pictures and by the end he is video-chatting with his girlfriend.

We get an idea as to how the glasses can function. The menus stay at the top corners of the lenses so the view isn’t obstructed.

I am concerned that when messages or maps are pulled up the viewers will be distracted and it could get in the way if you are driving.

The man working on the project is bio-nanotechnician Mr. Babak Parviz who recently built a tiny contact lens that has embedded electronics that can display pixels to a person’s eye.

The glasses will be running on the same system the Androids are on but just a wearable kind of Android. Also the cool thing about Project Glass is that they are trying to make it look graceful.

Most of the people testing the product love it, saying it is pretty handy and not as distracting as a real phone because you’re not checking it 500 times  for a new message. Everything is nicely displayed in front of you.

I think that Project Glass actually sounds pretty cool.

My only concerns is that the display might get in the way, but considering it’s there momentarily, it might not be as distracting as I think it is.

I also do not feel 100 percent comfortable with the fact that everything is through voice command, including text messaging.

I do not want to be walking around New York City screaming “I have the red death” and then telling my phone to send that to my mother.

Another problem with the phones we have now is voice recognition, so what if my pair of glasses sends a butchered message through faulty voice recognition.

Those are the only concerns I have with the device, otherwise I would love to see the final product.

I also cannot wait to see if they will create apps for the glasses.

If they do, I would recommend an app that assigns people power levels like Scouters from Dragon Ball Z or have Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time being a navigation cursor for Google Maps on Project Glass.

“Hey, listen! Turn onto 41st.” I’ll be waiting by my computer for the release date.



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