Bieber and Swift Team Up For a Rap Duo Attack


by: Regan Elizabeth Brown – Staff Writer
(April Fool’s Edition)

While Taylor Swift’s love life has become a punch line of jokes from, poor Justin Bieber had to deal with not having a “Bieb-tastic” birthday, being booed on stage after arriving late to a concert by his “Beliebers” and being told that he should check himself into rehab. Now you might have expected the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer and the “Beauty and a Beat” singer to release their own songs vocalizing their thoughts and feelings, but did you ever expect them to do a duet?

That’s right!

While “Bieber fever” is sweeping across Europe right now, Bieber is currently in the middle of his “Believe Tour,” someone on his behalf uploaded a video on his YouTube channel containing a rap track entitled, “Hatorade Is Our Gatorade” late last week.
Bieber took the lead in the first verse in which he paid homage to the late Amy Winehouse by adding his own twist on a line from her hit song, “Rehab,” when he rapped, “I just smoked a little, what damage could it really do? / Everyone needs a relaxer here and there to get them through/But now they say I’m wild, now they say I’m bad/And I best be get to checking myself into rehab/ Now I might still be young, but here’s what I know/ They say I should go to rehab, but I’m sayin’ no, no, no.”
I’m sure everyone remembers the public outrage when images of the teen pop star smoking marijuana surfaced on the internet. Then you throw in the incident on his birthday, the times he’s arrived late to the stage and the fact that he passed out before one of his shows. That pretty much sums up why critics think he’s on the pathway to becoming the next Lindsay Lohan.
Swift made her grand entrance when she rapped, “So maybe I haven’t had much luck with love when it comes to men/ In the end it’s got nothing to do with you, it’s between me and them/ Well funny ladies, you think you know me well/ But the joke is on you as I get the last word/ Oh, didn’t you hear about the quote I just recently heard/ Please let me tell/ It pretty much says you’ve each earned yourselves a spot in hell.”
Swift was not pleased when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler made jokes in regards to her short-lived romances when the two ladies hosted the Golden Globes on Jan. 13. It didn’t help much when late-night host Chelsea Handler mentioned Swift’s quote in Vanity Fair, which said, ‘There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”
Swift and Bieber came together for the chorus where they let it be known that, “You got that Hatorade that we need/ Because it’s your Hatorade that allows us to succeed/ You can keep the jokes and the rumors that you made/ Because we’re still rich and we’re still gettin’ paid/ Because your Hatorade is our Gatorade.”
The track was fierce and it definitely sent out the message that Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber cannot be broken down by anyone.









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